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Since his debut in the mid 90's, Swedish novelist Niklas Krog has established himself as one of the country's most productive young writers in two as diverse genres as fantasy and historical novels.

Under Guds Himmel ("Under God's Sky" -1996) set in The Holy Land during the Crusades was well received by both critics and readers and was followed by En Krigares Hjärta (Heart of a Warrior - 1997), the first book in what has become the Freedom Wars fantasy trilogy.
Since then, a total of thirteen books have been published making Niklas one of the most popular writers among young readers in Sweden. He keeps a close relation with his readers via his web site - (Swedish).
If you are interested in reading sample chapters, please feel free to download them here (.zip format). Or click on the links below.
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A brief presentation of the works of Niklas Krog:


    The War of the Great Peace (Den stora fredens krig) Read a Chapter  
A standalone prequel to The Freedom Wars trilogy. In Heart of a Warrior, the first book of The Freedom Wars trilogy, we came across the legend of the War of the Great Peace, which took place more than a thousand years before the first Freedom War. The two ancient powers are still fully in charge in the country of Unadan and man is not free. A fearsome beast rises from the marshes at the foot of the Ockorum mountains, ready to start a war against all of humankind. Age 12 up. 366 pages. Fall -04.

鳠talent for storytelling is eminent.奄 - Sonja Winnerstig, Bibliotekstjänst.


    Heart of a Warrior (En krigares hjärta) Read a Chapter  
Part one of the Freedom Wars trilogy. The young warrior Sayn has been assigned to an outpost on an isolated island far out in the northern ocean. When he arrives the island is attacked by the northern people, led by a man fully clad in black, accompanied by warbeasts, wizards and other terrifying creatures. Sayn and his brothers in arms have to put their faith in their own skill and the faint hope of help from the magician͊ Great council. But uncertainty grows. Are they really fighting for the right side? From 12 years. 383 pages. Fall -97. Translation rights sold to Denmark.

"The author of this book is a genius!" - Linnea Åshede, Booktip of the week in Norra Halland


    The Strength of a Magician (En magikers styrka)    
Part two of the Freedom Wars trilogy. A thousand years have passed since the first Freedom War. The evil powers have been banished to the other side of the Abyss, and the spell that can set them free have been locked into the Book of Doom. But a sorcererࡰprentice is lured to find the book. When he takes it in his hands the darkness erupts over the land of Unadan. From 12 years. 367 pages. Spring -99. Translation rights sold to Denmark.

࣡ptivating and very thrilling fantasystory which I read without stopping. The language is straightforward and fluid.奄 - Anette Mjölberg, Bibliotekstjänst.


    The Soul of a Master (En härskares själ)    
Part three of the Freedom Wars trilogy. A thousand years have passed since the second Freedom War and Unadan has a new ruler, a ruthless woman called Moriam. She controls her realm from the rebuilt stronghold Ainamoor, feared by all, loved by no-one. Two children live there with her 롺ar and Yana. Moriam claims to be their mother, but Kazar knows that she is lying. He also knows that a big threat is growing in the Abyss. From 12 years. 302 pages. Spring -01. Translation rights sold to Denmark.

⯧ continues in The soul of a master to conjure up the world he has created with the same suggestive force as earlier쯩> - Mats Berggren, Barn & Kultur.


    The Son of the Gods (Gudarnas son) Read a Chapter  
The first book about Janus. In the year 334 B.C. three young men ꡮus, Kaleb and Troj 쥡ves their lives as sheepherders in the Strumas river valley to join the army of Alexander the great. The young king has gone to war against the mighty Persian Empire and the three boys dream of eternal fame on the battlefield. But their long trek does not turn out like they had expected. From 12 years. 161 pages. Summer -00. Translation rights sold to Denmark and Turkey.

崠of the crowd a human being emerges, the young Janus, who matures both physically and mentally. There are many reasons to await the next book.奄 - Ying Toijer-Nilsson, Svenska Dagbladet.


    To the ends of the World (Till världens ände)    
The second book about Janus. A chilly morning in the fall of 331 B.C. the young sheepherder Janus faces his first battle with Alexander the Great. On the far side of the field at Gaugemala the enormous army of the Persian king Darius awaits. Janus쥧s are shaking and when the battle is over the world will be forever changed. From 12 years. 197 pages. Fall -01. Translation rights sold to Denmark and Turkey.

"Itࡠfascinating read where you are thrown between repulsion over wars cruelty, the rivalry between Janus and his brother and Janus쯮ging for love" - Svante Ors, Bibliotekstjänst


    The Final Battle (Den sista striden)    
The third book about Janus. Alexander the Great single-mindedly forces his army towards the ends of the world. But the battles never end. In India the army, and the young spearman Janus, clash with war-elephants for the first time, a horrifying experience which makes everybody want to turn back. Except Alexander. Janus is also pursued by his tormentor from home, his older brother Lucan. But when the brothers finally come to blows, the outcome is unlike anything they had imagined. From 12 years. 221 pages. Fall -02. Translation rights sold to Denmark and Turkey.

"They are considered novels for youths but many adult readers are fascinated by his extravagant creations, not least the striking and massive war-scenes" - Peter Grönborg, Borås Tidning


    Jor & Ka      
A prequel to Under God's Sky. The twin brothers Jor and Ka lived in the 13th century Samarkand. When their father tried to assassinate the awful ruler Ala al-Din and failed, the family was shattered. The boys are forced to flee alone through the Hindu Kush mountains. During their flight they meet a Buddhist monk and when they return to Samarkand many years later everything has changed ᬡ al-Din is gone and Djenghis Khan and his Mongols are closing in on the city with bestial cruelty. From 12 years. 317 pages. Fall -98.

襠book is breathtakingly thrilling and at the same time realistically horrifying. It makes the reader deliberate over right and wrong, and how to live to achieve the good in life.奄 - Eva Bejhed, Dals Dagblad.

ﲠ& Ka is something very special ᠳimply exceptional book.쯩> - Jan Hansson, Läseposten.


    Under God's sky (Under Guds himmel)    
Reynald Lecort was only a few months old when his parents were killed by Moslem robbers on the road to Jerusalem in the year 1243. Reynald grew up in the robber࣡mp, with his beloved stepsister Sassa. When the robbers were killed by Templar knights, the young boys in the camp were sold to the Sultan of Egypt. Reynald were forced to fight against Christians, Moslems and Mongols in The Holy Land. During this violent time he also starts to search for his origins. From 12 years. 403 pages. Fall -96.

詳 is something as unusual as a deep and genuine depiction of evil, love, and goodness written in a way that makes it easy to read.奄 - Bibi Andgren, Sydsvenska Dagbladet.


    The Dragonsword (Draksvärdet)    
Easy-to-read fantasy. Simon and a knight called Roland lived a long time ago in Anorien. It was a time when dragons flew through the air and dreadful urguls wandered the woods. One day a messenger from the king finds Simon and Roland. The kingडughter Maia has been abducted by a dragon. Simon and Roland rides to the Dragonmountain to free the princess. 9⠹ears. 116 pages. Spring -00.

ଯvely old-time fairy-tale set in an environment from the Middle Ages奄 - Margaret Lindblad, Bibliotekstjänst.


    The Whitchkings Shadow (Häxmästarens skugga)    
Easy-to-read fantasy, a standalone sequel to The Dragonsword. The evil sorcerer Karnak flees from the dungeon in Almina and a vrakon carries him far into the Black Mountains, out of reach for Roland and Simon. Soon strange tales reach Almina, tales of fearsome creatures that can be seen in the mountains, of heavy hammer blows and horrifying screams. The knights in Almina set out to investigate. When they have left Almina two vrakons flies in over the town. 9⠹ears. 126 pages. Spring -03.

"A lovely old-time fairy-tale in a world inhabited by fantasy monsters, beautiful princesses and brave knights" - Margaret Lindblad, Bibliotekstjänst


    Loophole: Dragonmagic and Soft Drink Smugglers (Drakmagi och saftsmugglare)  
The first book about Yumi and the magical world of Loophole. When Yumi returns home from a journey, evil voidturtles have broken into her library. They are trying to find a map that shows the way to the Runebinder ᮠancient book of magic with the power to destroy all light. Yumi is only a sorcererࡰprentice, but she is thrown into a tearing race to find the Runebinder. A race that may end with the destruction of the magical world of Loophole. 9-12 years. 175 pages. Fall -04.

"Krog has humour, a feel for linguistic touches and a passion for storytelling that bears witness to a genuine love for the world he has created" - Oscar Nilsson, Sydsvenska Dagbladet


    The Red Planet (Den röda planeten)    
Would it be possible to live on Mars 穴hout air, without water, without life? The great floods of the early 21th century taught humans the importance of taking care of Earth. Now a Swedish family sets out to build a base on Mars. On the red planet they are forced to fight fierce sandstorms, to endure a Mars winter with temperatures of minus 100 degrees Centigrade and hold off a growing homesickness. 9⠹ears. 163 pages. Spring -00.

നrilling book about an interesting topic. Voyages to Mars does not feel distant.奄 - Britt Dahlström, Metro.



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